Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do it yourself? No problem!

Making things can be fun if it's simple, right? So that's what we are all about here at Soel. Below are some ideas for easy, adorable crafts that will spice up your home in ways you may not have ever expected. I can't wait to show you, so start scrolling down.. now!

There does not seem to be enough time in the day ever.. but with this rotating goal list for each day of every week makes perfect sense. If you don't get it done, just move it to another day!

Recycled milk jugs turned into watering cans. Nothing else to say but, brilliant!

Canvas with lights behind it for a serene headboard just like that.

Key frame holder. Just attach hooks to a blank frame & there you have it.. you never need to search for those keys again :)

Painted wiffle ball with flowers in it as a sweet "vase." Love it!

So if you're feeling at all artsy today, I would say- just go for it! We'd love to see pictures of the outcomes.. what do you say? :)

Have a wonderfully creative day!
xxoo Addison

1 comment:

Sarah the Stylist said...

This is so clever, Shelley! I love the idea of a rotating DIY goal list for post-its. And my garden would get watered a whole lot more with this water jug! Brilliant.

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