Saturday, June 16, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things..

I love this Ezra blouse to the moon and back. The two colors together make the perfect match. And let's just talk about these Joes for a second. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever tried on! For real. Blouse, $42. "The Skinny," $190 and so worth it.

This navy double collar blouse has my heart. Leave it untucked with high waisted pants or tuck it into that perfect maxi. It has hot pink scalloped detail on the collar, heaven! $46

Light blue sheer blouse with white collar detail. Can you tell I'm into the collars? $38

Grey and blue loose maxi dress, $44. I paired it with this lace Free People cover up, $118. I just love this picture and this outfit.
I wonder if Addison is getting sick of me taking so many pictures of her :) I love having her as my model. I just wanted to share my favorite items we have right now because you can't miss out on these! Come in and see me soon and I can show you more of my favorite items.

Have a lovely Saturday


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