Monday, April 9, 2012

Get to know...


I am not a big hugger but sometimes I really want to hug her. :) 

She is a sincerely sweet soul and we feel happy when we are around her. She is very talented in so many ways. She has such a unique and fun style, we love having her at Soel. 

Favorite Artist: James Taylor
Favorite Song: Holocene by Bon Iver
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite piece of clothing: My burgandy Citizens of Humanity pants
Married? and to who: Yes, my husband's name is Eric and we met back at home and have been happily married for 8 months.
Kids: Nope
Age: 22
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California
Schooling Background: Working on my generals and planning to go to Culinary School
I am happiest when I finish crocheting a scarf or when I can be outside on a warm sunny day with my hub.
I love Soel Boutique because it offers great clothing and products from designers all over, but still has a small and homey feel that you can't find anywhere else.
Best advice I have ever gotten: Ever since I was little anytime my mom would leave she would always say to me, "ASAP." Always Say A Prayer.

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Kylee said...

Courtney is the cat's meow!