Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

 All I can say is that I love shoes a lot and I think it is safe to say most girls do!!  Right now we have a great selection of heels, flats and Toms that would spice up any closet and I mean it!!!

Jeffery Campbell
Here we have the famous Jeffery Campbell!  Heels or flats we have them both and they are a great selection to start off the spring season.  They are neutral tones that will go with just about anything.

 Let's just say I about died when these two beautiful pairs of shoes came in!  I loved them so much, I even chose the heel to be a color in my wedding! They are so fun and bright, they just make you smile...promise

 WE FINALLY GOT TOMS FLATS!  You have to come in and try them on, they are so comfortable, your feet just melt in them :).  Oh and let's not forget about the awesome faded purple Toms that catch your eye at any given moment! 

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