Monday, March 19, 2012

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She is so humble she didn't have a picture of herself on her computer. :) But this beautiful girl should have gone into modeling. She is sweet, funny, and artistic. We love her contagious laugh and adorable sense of style.

Here are her answers to our questions. But make note that since she gave us this she was proposed to and she said YES! Not sad and pathetic Morgan. Not at all! We have all been jealous of your exciting life. Pros and cons to every chapter!!! Every single one.

Favorite Brand: Well this shouldn’t be hard for anyone who really knows me ha ha…I just love JCrew so much!  Is that even considered a brand ha ha
 Favorite Song: Let’s be honest this is always changing.  I have a favorite song one day and it changes the next!  I am pretty bipolar when it comes to music. 
Favorite Food: Mexican…no question about that one! Feed me Mexican and I am a happy girl.

 Favorite piece of clothing: Shoes…is that considered clothing ha ha? Okay really my favorite piece of clothing right now is my Chambry shirt and well I guess my colored jeans! Or of course sweats.
Married? and to who:  I think I am the only employee who is not…how sad and pathetic!
Kids: You have to be married for this so No! [ technically, you don't :) ]
Age: I feel offended you would even ask me that…haha just kidding (you don’t have to put that statement on the blog), but I am 21.
 Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
 Schooling Background:  I go to BYU.  I graduate in December in Elementary Education yahoo.
 I am happiest when I am laying on the Beach in warm weather, get surprises or hanging out with my family.
I love Soel Boutique because: It always has such a happy feel!  You can come here and just let everything go.  I love getting to know everyone and becoming friends with the costumers.  And of course I love their clothes.  It’s like Christmas morning when we get new items in the store.

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