Monday, March 5, 2012

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She is always exciting, and ready to let you in to her life. She has an amazing voice and can dance like you would not believe. This super talented go getter is someone we all look forward to working with.

Here are her answers to our questions.

I have been working at Soel for over four years and have fell in love with the many unique items we carry.  My favorite brands include, Joes Jeans, BB Dakota, Nashelle, and Frye. 

Often when at Soel you will catch me singing to the music.  I like to sing and never use the correct lyrics… who can hear what they are really saying anyways? 

I like healthy foods, but find myself craving candy most of the time… dang that sugar wall next door at Blinkenstaffs ;). 

I have been married for two years.  I have the best husband who is sweet enough to make me dinner and bring it to work most nights.  If we carried men’s clothing Jeff would be all over it.  He is a total hunk and supports most of my shopping expenditures at Soel.  We do not have children, but this hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on some great items I couldn’t pass up…someday that bin of mini clothes will come in handy.  For now we both work and go to school full time.

I have many favorite items from Soel.  I can’t pin point one favorite item in particular because I’m the type of girl who buys something new, wears it a ton, and then loses interest.  Recently I’ve been crazy over our knit circle crochet scarves and stripes!  As you can tell, I love wearing my Melissa Frye boots I got this winter and colored jeans… we’ve had so many cute colored Joes this winter.

I am happiest when I get to see all of my good friends.  I enjoy Soel mostly because of the friends I have developed here.  The girls who work at Soel simply rock!  It is great to work at Soel where I see so many familiar faces.  Come visit more often; seriously I mean it! 

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megannicole said...

I love Emilee!...and Jeff for always sharing the food he would make for Em when I was working :)