Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An outfit for every hour of the day!

You know those days when you have a lot going on and you feel like you have to change your outfit three times a day, just to fit every occasion?  Sometimes it can just be a pain.  This week we got in a new skirt that I think can solve that problem.  You can dress it up or down no matter what the occassion is and not to mention we are all drooling over it here at Soel!

So, your meeting up with some friends for lunch and you need something cute and fun to wear.  

Here we have our BBDakota cotton skirt paired with our flowy BBDakota top and a belt to add a little accent and color (because this season it's all about color right?).

It may be a little chilly out so you might want to throw this new BBDakota chambray jacket on top!

Lunch is over and it is time to study or pick up the kids from school, so your looking for something casual and comfy.
Why not throw this Splendid top on.  Nice and warm and comfy!  Perfect for your mid day outfit.

Date time with whoever it might be husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, best friend!
When your about to hit the town it is always fun to get a little dressed up.  This blouse adds a dressy feel to the skirt.  It would also look great under any pencil skirt hanging in your closet.

Cost of skirt: $48.00

Hope this helps! 
We hope you had a great Wednesday!

1 comment:

Malorie said...

Now I have to have it! Hoping the boutique that usually sells BBDakota here in Jackson Hole will have it!