Monday, February 27, 2012

Get to know


She owns Soel Boutique. She is so kind, accepting, and understanding. We all feel so lucky to work for her.
  • Favorite Brand:  Splendid, it is so so comfy. And cute.

  • Favorite Food:  Roasted veggies

  • Favorite piece of clothing: Splendid sweatshirt, currently :)

  • Married? and to who: Yes. Jon.

  • Age: 31

  • Hometown: PROVO

  • Schooling Background: Graduated from the University of Utah in Intercultural Communications. HA...
  • I love Soel Boutique because... I get to meet so many amazing people.  I love having a creative outlet and being challenged to learn new things all of the time.

  • Best advice I have ever gotten:  Take a deep breath.
(We will be posting a "Get to know..." every Monday.  If you have any questions for us in general that you would like us to answer, or maybe you want to ask one of us in particular please leave us a comment. You can also email us at


Kylee said...

i love shelby! yes i do!

Chelsea said...

Are you guys hiring?! I love your store!!!

K-R-C-D said...

Chelsea- we are not actively hiring at this moment but we keep resumes on file and start with those when we do. You should drop one off!