Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Denim Dilemmas SOLVED!!!!

There used to be a day when finding jeans wasn't so hard.  Now there are countless choices like skinny or boot cut, high or low rise, light or dark that make it a little  more stressful.  Before you hit the racks check out these tips that might help you find denim that was made for you.
 1. How do you find the wash that was made for you? start off, dark denim is always more "slimming" than light denim.  So, if your looking for something slimming go for the dark denim.  If your looking for something to create curves where there are none, then try a pair of the faded patch jeans.  This will accentuate the lighter areas. 

2. Do some of your jeans get baggy or what I like to call "elephant knees" after just a few wears? If so, here is what you can do!
Since jeans that typically fit you like a glove in the store usually stretch out a 1/4 all the way around, go for the pair that is a little more snug.  This may mean going a size smaller, but don't go too small.  If you can't fit a finger between the waist band and the hip bone or the zipper is pulling, then they are too small.

3. Finding a style that fits your body type the best!
Everyone has a different body type, here are some styles that might flatter you. Some may say they have a "tummy," if so go for the medium or high rise jeans.  This covers anything that might show otherwise.  If your shorter in height, low rise might be your kind of jean.  Of course your going to have to try high or low rise on and pick which you feel most comfortable in. 

4. Whats the best length of denim to wear with heels and flats?
Once you’ve found a pair of denim you love, buy them and get the hemmed (we even do hems here at Soel, lucky for you). For bootcut and trouser styles worn with heels, the hem should rest half- to three-quarters of the way down the heel. Wearing flats? Jeans should skim the floor but not drag. Skinnier cuts should hit at or just below the ankle, with both flats and heels!!

5. What's the difference between a more expensive pair of jeans compared to something a little cheaper?
It's been said that a more expensive pair of jeans has a tighter weave so they are more likely to hold their shape and can be more durable than something a little cheaper.  If you try on a more expensive pair with a cheaper pair you can usually tell the difference.  Always remember less is more so save up for that perfect pair, and make sure to stick within your budget!!

We really hope this helps you find that pair of denim you have been longing for!!!  Every girl needs a pair of denim they love and a pair lasts in their closet!!!  Good Luck and may the force be with you.

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