Saturday, December 17, 2011

Are you one of those last minute shoppers?

Well then let Soel help you out this Holiday season....

 Girls love a little everyday glitz and glam in their jewlery collection...If that special person is wanting a little something like that, Dogeard is sure help you out with that!  We have a great collection right now.
 If your looking for something simple and sentimental, why not come in and check out our collection of journals and stationary.  You could also throw one of our world famous Capri Blue candles with it.  That should bring a smile to any girls face.   
 We still have a few of the Snow and Graham calendars in the store.  Remember the year 2012 is just around the corner!!  There is nothing better than starting to fill up a brand new calendar with memories.
 Man it's getting chilly out there. Don't you think?  Why not get your friend a fun knit infinity scarf or how about some fun, warm sweaters.  We have all sorts of colors and styles in the store right now.  Who wouldn't love you for making their winter a warm one?!? 
Don't worry we didn't forget about your little ones!  Melissa and Doug is sure to make any little one jump and scream on Christmas morning. Oh and Skip and Hop might bring a few tears of joy, especially their animal backpacks. 

Remember only 8 more days!!!

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