Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking for holiday gift ideas?

If you are anything like me and are constantly looking for a cute idea for this years Christmas gifts then this post was made for you...Make your life simple, easy, and enjoy the giving!

Create a simple count down.  Round up those old clothes pins, brush on some paint and glue.  This is a great gift for families. Kids love to practive their package opening early on in the month.
Hot chocolate spoons!  You will need plastics spoons, chocolate, peanut butter, and some extra ingredients to decorate...chocolate chips, coconut, crushed candy cane, and mini marshmellows. 

Make it easy... When you are cooking for yourself go ahead and buy double or triple the ingredients and make some for your giftees.  There is nothing better than a good hot meal to deliver for your Christmas gift!  -Trust me I'd love you if you did this for me this season!

A fun way to deliver your batch of cookies.  Write up your receipe on a white sheet of paper, roll it over your cookies, and tie ribbon on the ends.  Lets simplify here. No gift needs to stress you out.

Cute! Smore Kits.  Three ingredients needed is all: graham crackers, big marshmellows, and herseys chocolate bars.  The hardest part: there is none, just put together and deliver. 

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