Monday, November 7, 2011

How do you wear your Nashelle??

Nashelle necklaces are one of our favorite items we carry at Soel.  Why you ask?  Just look at them! 
They are so simple, classy, and you can personalize them to mean something to you! 
So how do you wear yours??

Rachael wears a large "K" for her husband, Kory.  She also wears a mini "C" for her new baby, Charlotte.
Chelsea wears a mini "R" for her last name, Roberts.
A lot of people wear charms AND gems. It's so fun to bring some color into your necklace, and there are so many gems to choose from! 

There's also the option of getting your whole name.

There are also bars that you can personalize. Shown above is the bar with two gems.  I love the different shades of pink!

These are ways we've seen Nashelle necklaces worn, but there are so many more options! All items can be made in gold or silver.

Did we mention these necklaces make great gifts?  Well, they do!  It's always so fun to get a meaningful gift for/from someone, and these personalized necklaces are just the right gift! 

Hurry in and come pick out your Nashelle items for the Holidays.  The sooner you order them, the better!

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