Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas for Grandma!

Obviously these are gift ideas for anyone...but as I was walking around the store today I kept thinking, "my grandma would love these!" 
So here are some ideas I came up with for MY grandma. Would YOUR grandma like these too??
Oh and guess what else...they are all under $30! score.

My grandma could sew all day, every day and be perfectly happy.  Here's a book with lots of sewing ideas that anyone could do.  It's even fun for the experts.
Okay so I'm in a really sentimental mood right now. It's unusual. I thought maybe this Gratitude journal would be cute to give a grandma. To add some extra cuteness..what if you wrote little messages throughout the journal? That way in a couple months as she's doing her daily writing...she'll see your handwritten notes! Okay, my mood is over.
These Plumage earrings are always a perfect gift for a classy lady, no matter the age! We've got tons of colors too.
Last but not least..candles! These candles rock, we all know that.  Give one of these to your grandma and that too-strong-potpourrie-scent-that-gives-you-a-headache-every-time-you-sniff (maybe that's just me) will be long gone.

I hope these gift ideas makes your holiday shopping a little easier. 

Merry Christmas!

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