Monday, September 19, 2011


With fall just around the corner..jackets and other winter must-haves are hanging on Soel's shelves. Megan and I found some new ways to tie some of our favorite scarfs.


A beautiful way to accent any jacket or coat. Fold the scarf in half. Let it dangle around your neck. Let one end pass from under the other.Tuck the two ends underneath the undercoat.

Casual Swing

Fold the square scarf according to the bias band fold. Now, fold it in half lengthwise such that both the ends are on one side (A) and the other side forms a hoop (B). Let it dangle around your neck in this format. Please refer to the illustration. Take one end from side A and let it pass through hoop (B).
Now give the hoop one twist, and make the other end from side A pass through the empty opening in the hoop (B). The resulting shape should be as shown in the illustration.

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