Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodies Galore!

We just got in lots of different styles of these cute EGO sunglasses, they make any outfit complete! 
 We can't get enough Tag! Imagine your whole kitchen full of Tag products...well now you can have them for reals!
 measuring spoons
 mix and pour bowls
 measuring bowls
 recycled glass canisters
And now introducing some adorable clothing!
 We love this cute Nick and Mo skirt...and the Gentle Fawn belt...and the Fashion Go top. So much love!!!
 Loose Knit cardi from Splendid.  If it's Splendid, you already know how comfortable it is!

 Now what an outfit! Joe's denim "sexy military" shirt with a pair of Citizens corduroys! The 70's are back whether you like it or not!
Last but not least, more Nakamol wraps and bracelets.  They are stunning!

Come down to Riverwoods this weekend and see us!

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