Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby its...cold? Outside?

Ok, so obviously the cold hasn't set in just yet, but you better believe mother nature is brewing up some cool, crisp Fall weather for come get one, or five of our fantastic new coats so you'll be prepared!

This Jack coat is a must have, the puckered sleeves are too cute! And suprisingly, you can actually wear it with a prego belly! 
New Moss Green from BB Dakota... perfect high colar for those brisk walks from the car to your destination.

Heather Grey Belted Coat from BB Dakota.  This coat is oh so soft; seriously!
People say adults are too old to dress up, but why not get a coat to show your Halloween spirit :)

Cute! Hazel brand is a favorite @ Soel.  Come see all of the new things we received in this shipment.

Perfect for weather thats not too hot and not too cold.  "Just a light Jacket!"

-Kylee and Amy

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