Friday, June 3, 2011

Look at what's new...

Classic French Connection button up with some pizazz. It's lightweight enough to wear with the Level 99 shorts on a day like today (the shorts are actually rolled up in this picture so if you want more length--problem solved.)
The LA Made Ruffle Tees arrived and we pulled them out of the box with a smile on our faces. How can you not be happy wearing it?! So many colors to choose from too; white, oatmeal, royal blue, coral, gray, violet, moss, and more.
Hope can rock any jeans we have in the store---her feet are under there somewhere. :)
 You have to see the detail of the pockets on this Citzens of Humanity "Super Flare". I may use words like 'cute' and 'love' a lot but I do not use them lightly. These are the coolest jeans I have seen since January.
Most of you probably have an LA Made skirt by now but I know you don't have this soft cotton Free People tank to wear with it...
Also in the French Connection shipment was this tunic/dress (you decide) which can be worn on or off the shoulder-light cotton and a unique print.
I have a serious addiction to Michael Stars, probably because I wear them for years and never feel like it is outdated.

We have obsessed over Splendid Littles but we have new Splendid for you too. And don't say, "I have too many stripes in my closet" because do need them.

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Courtney.&.Ben said...

How much is the LA Made ruffle tee? I LOVE it

Shelly Bean said...

Courtney, they are $45. Thanks!