Monday, June 13, 2011


Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani bracelets are manufactured in the USA and reuse recycled materials in their effort to be an eco-friendly company. Their collections are always meaningful to "uplift and inspire those who wear them."

The bracelets that we all know and love are a Russian Gold which has a bronze hue, and will continue to change slightly as you wear it. If you own one of these bracelets and have had any trouble with black markings, they suggest cleaning it with mild soap and a soft cloth (jewelry cleaners can be too harsh on the metal) because the black is due to a build up of dirt and oil.

We are getting a large shipment of the Initial Bangle soon, so if you would like to reserve or order yours today call us or send us an email at If you have any other questions about Alex and Ani or experiences let us know!
If you are curious, the "Tree of Life" necklace from Lenora Dame should be here in the near future as well.

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