Monday, May 23, 2011


Founded in 1967, Chronicle has maintained its reputation as a fun, innovative, and trend setting publisher. And that is exactly why we carry their items. We get very excited for Chronicle Book shipments. We always know Shelby has found a new and exciting book, journal, or card set to carry and we all get to "oooh and ah" over it. Like these....

If you are planning any kind of party, just picture with me how gorgeous these cupcake cups would be sitting on this cake platter from Tag. It even comes with pastry bags and tips and a book so you can decorate them and people will ask, "Where did you get these?" and you can say, "I made them." and they will probably say, "No way." And we have all had this converstaion before haven't we? :)

Amy Butler prints on cards. Yep, very cool.

Just came in.

We have all of these books but if you take your kid(s) out to eat anywhere, ever, you really should take a peek at the Color and Count placemats.

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